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Silhouette Dermalift

Non surgical facelifting to: reduce fine lines and wrinkles, tone and lift facial contours, reduces puffiness around the eyes, gives a more youthful appearance and improves complexion.

The Dermalift facial system uses microcurrents of infinitely adjustable timed pulses and frequencies of a specifically chosen wave form, gently applied through specially designed facial probes.

It is an extremely comfortable treatment to gently stimulate the facial muscles and tissues of the face, neck and eyes which leads to a fresher, regenerated, smoother appearance.

Suitable for all ages and skin types.

Course of 10 treatments
Each course includes a nourishing collegen eye and face mask on every other session.
£320.00 (courses may be paid for in instalments)

One treatment per month is recommended for maintenance:
With mask = treatment time - 1hour 20mins £42.00
Without mask = treatment time - 50mins £35.00

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